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Welcome to the Hot Yoga Las Vegas Website! Our hot yoga studio and wellness facility is centrally located in Las Vegas, Nevada, less than 7 minutes from the Las Vegas strip:.

Dr and D's Acupuncture and Yoga
4700 S Maryland Pkwy Suites 1 & 2
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Yoga Classes:
Currently we are offering small group and private sessions in Regenerative Yoga.
Yoga classes are by appointment only. Regenerative yoga is a
yoga system designed around the individual needs of each person.  It is for all practitioners, beginning to advanced.  The program breaks individual postures down to basic mechanics and our yoga instructors assist with positions, which are held up to one minute.  This system has had years of testing at our medical clinic, and in our opinion, it is the best Yoga system.  It is extremely complementary to patients, athletes, and enthusiasts who want a deeper understanding of body mechanics.

Prices per person:
$20 for small class (4 people or less)
$30 for private session

(contact us to schedule a session)

All classes start on time, make sure to arrive at least ten minutes before class starts.  Bring a towel and yoga mat.  Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing appropriate for our heated room.  Towels and mats are available for a small fee.

Pranayama, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi classes to be scheduled for January 2013, please check back with us.


Call 702-858-2125
• 4700 S Maryland Pkwy Suites 1 & 2 • Las Vegas, NV 89119 •

Hot Yoga for inflexible people:

Hatha styles of Yoga that are performed in hot rooms are especially beneficial for those who tend to be inflexible.  The heat and humidity in the hot Yoga room helps to relax and soften rigid tendons and ligaments.  We recommend hot Yoga for beginners. 

Hot Yoga in Las Vegas heat?

Even people who live in Las Vegas can benefit from hot yoga practice during the summer!  The heat we have here in Las Vegas is dry heat.  In contrast, our hot yoga room air is moist!  Like a little Las Vegas tropical oasis, we have palms and bamboo plants in the  room, which keeps the air clean moist, and we constantly run humidifiers.  We try to keep the humidity in our hot room at about 30 percent.  The high humidity helps people to sweat and detoxify during yoga practice.  When you leave your skin will be moist and glowing, not dry and flakey!  When you regularly practice yoga in the hot room, you may notice the Las Vegas summer heat is much more tolerable.

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Combat high blood pressure with yoga exercises
Monday, March 05, 2012 by: Sarka-Jonae Miller

(NaturalNews) When you think of yoga flexibility, relaxation and maybe meditation come to mind. The application of yoga as a system of healing rarely enters the Western mind. Despite today's widespread reliance on Western medicine (drugs), yoga has been used for thousands of years for concerns like high blood pressure (HBP), a condition the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) calls "The Silent Killer".

One in three Americans have high blood pressure, according to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. High blood pressure (hypertension) is frequently a precursor to heart disease, the number one killer of Americans. Specific yoga poses are known to be beneficial exercises for high blood pressure.

Lower the numbers

Someone in the United States dies approximately every 33 seconds from heart disease, according to UMMC. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends exercise, stress management and weight management to prevent high blood pressure, thereby lowering the risk of heart disease. Yoga can help with all three recommendations.

Yoga is known to lower blood pressure, especially the diastolic score, according to the American Yoga Association (AYA). Blood pressure is measured as two numbers, a systolic score written above a diastolic score. The systolic number is a measurement of blood pressure while the heart pumps blood. Diastolic refers to blood pressure between beats. The AYA states that the diastolic number is the most important. Additionally, people with high diastolic blood pressure frequently develop a high systolic blood pressure too, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Yoga benefits high blood pressure through promoting relaxation of the mind and body. Practicing yoga helps decrease the negative impacts of stress, including tension, shallow breathing and elevated heart rate. It also improves physical strength and flexibility, plus may assist with weight loss, according to Prevention magazine.

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